This picture shows a few of the artifacts that have

been gathered together over the past several years

in a private collection located in the central United
States. This picture shows a wide range of material.
   The frame on the wall at the top left contains several

Neolithic daggers from Europe. The frame next to it is

full of Cahokia related Mississippian artifacts. The next

frame contains several historical beaded knife sheaths

and pipe tomahawks. The frame to the right is filled

with several different types of quartz, granite and slate

banner stones.
   The two large glass cases on the floor contain a wide

variety of different cultural material, mostly from North

America. The top shelves are filled with different styles

of Mississippian ceramic pots. Notice the "head pot" in

the case on the right. This case also contains quite a few

discoidals on the third and fourth shelves. There are


several different types of pipes on the second shelf.

The bottom shelf contains many axes and more discoidals.
   The case on the left contains a lot of spades and some

axes on the two lower shelves. Along with the various

types of ceramic pots, the top two shelves are also

filled with several different types of banner stones.

Artifacts on display in the Floyd Ritter collection.