This side of the Kassly Tablet is typical of almost all the known engraved sandstone tablets from the Cahokia area except for the Ramey Tablet which is engraved with birds heads on one side and human heads on the other. The most common design consists of two sets of parallel lines or grooves that bisect each other to form in most cases, diamond designs. This examples has more rectangular shapes than diamonds though. All of the known engraved tablets from the Cahokia area are made of the same stone that abraders are made from which were used for sharpening and shaping bone awls, pins, etc. This abrasive material was also used to make many of their pipes which also have sharpening grooves cut into the sides and bottom to the extent that a large majority of them were destroyed from sharpening wear. This has led to some speculation that the grooves on the sandstone tablets were in some way used for sharpening. Maybe these stones played a part in some type of ceremonial process such as scarification. The Kassly Tablet is deeply grooved.

Kassly Tablet cross hatched side.